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Default Clutch operation and the Fuzz....

I figured the clutch in these things might not be really hearty so I always get pedaling fast enough to drop the clutch in at idle speed at least. My clutch question: Sometimes on the first start of the day the clutch will slip quite a bit before the engine rolls over and starts to spin. The fuel shut-off is not 100% and I have been draining the tank at the end of the day which naturally helps the start-up a LOT. Is this about normal operation or am I going to shred the clutch prematurely? Next question, how about legality? On my first day out a deputy pulled me over, he really only wanted to see how I was going so fast without much pedaling. He claimed that if you have to pedal it to start the engine and are at least 16 years of age and have any valid driver's license that I can ride it anywhere in NE except on the interstate. I realize that things probably vary state to state, but has anyone had similar experiences? Ride on!
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