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Default Throttle cable Issues

Hi everyone, I broke my throttle cable somehow. I was messing with the adjustments above the carburetor trying to get more power out of the bike (which did not work). And when I was through there was no cable coming out of the carburetor end. Now I have to buy a new cable. What I'm wondering is "what did I do"? I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to working on these things. This is a new(ish) carburetor and the last one I had I tightened up the cable and made it go faster and not bog down on hills so much. This one just broke the cable. Does anyone know what I might have done? It's something I don't want to do again. I messed with the 3 things about the carb that you can turn. and that's all.

Any help will be appreciated. If you need more info please ask.
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