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Originally Posted by David D. View Post
well the latest news is he found a spare honda engine at the ranch... says he uses them in his sprayers... he thought it might work so is bringing it by today for me to check out, as long as its got the HP and a horizontal shaft it should be fine. . . as for the drive system was thinking we would keep it simple and use a centrifical ctutch...although i like that variable pulley you found there dan....that would help if HP was a problem... but for this one i think we're going big.... the way the rear wheels are set up is a basic freewheel hub and independant pedal drive each side ... the customer is ok with losing the pass. side pedal power and replacing it with an eng....however my thought now is a freewheel on both pedals like the shift kits use(never used one yet though so a little help would be good...) and a full width jackshaft driving both wheels ...the rear hubs would then act as the differential... also has drum brakes operated from a lever on the dash, i will fab a conventional gas and brake pedal to make operation safe and easy....i priced the sprockets and shafting from mc master car, surely there is a less expensive supplier ...any help there?

I'm afraid double freewheels would drive the inside wheel on every turn instead of the outside as on a real diffy.
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