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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

hi !

my 26" mountainbike with home made rear rack & rear rack mounted 47cc cag engine is atm waiting for exhaust to arrive from UK. i have some messages regarding it on other topic: "front mounted minimoto engine" that is relatively silent but with man named Jose with lill simular set-up on rear rack with Youtube video on the topic..

This bicycle of mine has all the original gears in function and usable by human power pedalling..

btw, does any1 happen to have 4sale the plastic part and pressure spring that sits in middle and inside the PullStart Cog/pawl ? These mentioned 2 parts seems to be uber difficult to find, Ebay's are useless etc.

only upgrades to engine parts so far are Dellorto PHBG19ds copy carb + manifold and exhaust will be this kinda
Also i will try a longer sparg plug to gain some compression and smaller head volume.
Later i shall "dremel" do some transfer/canal to the std 47cc cylinder, like 49cc ones have...

Does some1 happen to know if the 1st curve pipeing goes further inside the Chamber ? ive heard that some do...Mine is exactly same exhaust model as in the piccy exept that the visible straight pipe b4 chamber on mine is like 5cm shorter or summink.

Mostly im doing this bike project from Scrap yard/Recycling center parts.
for example Throttle grip i will try and make from a bicycles gear change grip, this kinda idea of part to use:

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