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Default Re: 3 Piece Wide Crank??

Originally Posted by jimraysr View Post
I am building a Honda / GruBee on a new Schwinn Searcher. It has enough frame space for the engine and mount, BUT the crank bearings are around 1 1/2" and I don't think the one piece crank in the kit will go in the bearing case.

I have seen wide 3 piece cranks pictured in other kits, but have not found them available as a separate item.

Has anyone had any luck in finding a wide 3 piece crank?

Thanks, Jim
Jim, the big problem is that too many kit suppliers offer only the 3 piece crank when nearly all cruisers and all Schwinn cruisers have a 1 piece crank.
I have a few 3 piece cranks left over from 4-stroke kits. They are really useless and to fit them on a Schwinn Cruiser you need a $60 adaptor to make a $4 crank fit. The crank arms are kiddies cranks and too short to give proper leverage. I'll send you my 3 piece if you send me your 1 piece. The 1 piece has cups & bearings & the 3 piece has only a wide spindle with a Euro bb, 2 crank arms, two nuts & 2 plastic plugs. How come I've never had a problem fitting 1 piece cranks on Schwinn cruisers. Is your Schwinn not a cruiser? I'd say get a cruiser if you have a 4-stroke frame mount.
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