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i have taken my nt carb apart many times and it is indeed very easy and simple all you need is a flat screw driver you can even take the jet off and the needle valve out with a flat screwdriver and not to mention its fun to do

other than that a new plug wire and cap wont hurt and cost less than ten bucks to change try these first then see if your getting spark if your not getting spark search in the custom search bar on how to test the cdi and mag to find out witch one is bad and make sure your wiring is correct then next is compression first make sure all bolts are tight (dont overtighten) if u still dont have compression try the replacing the seals there also cheap if you still dont have compression try replacing gaskits there not expensive either but you will have to take the motor apart so try this if nothing else works

i only say change plug cap and wire first cause i assume your running stock plug cap and wire and simply changing those will increase performance
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