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Originally Posted by nunyabidness
Seems like there are a lot of people out there that think simply because you are on a bike that you have no right to expect to be a part of "on coming traffic", if they want to turn and you are coming they will go ahead and turn in spite of you being "on coming traffic"
i deal with this every time i go out on the road i try to stay next to cars on the road and use them a s a barrier against oncoming traffic trying to turn
alot of drivers turn despite seeing us us i think its cause they just dont expect us to be going so fast

another thing that scares me is when a car pulls up to the road and wants to turn right (same way im going) and starts to pull out and has to brake cause they suddenly realize we will collide or even worse when they dont give a **** and just go ahead and pull out anyway

in my experiences of avoiding car vs bicycle accidents it is almost always the drivers lack of attention or judgment that has put me in jeopardy i really cant think of one incedant that was my fault but i can think of several times i have had to avoid being run over from retard drivers

Originally Posted by allen wrench
Yeah. What he said. Really good brakes. There will quickly come a time when you want to stop fast way much more than you want go fast
for sure if you wanna be safe stoping power is a must our lives depend on them but having good brakes is only part of the equation i wear a safety vest and have lights on my bike so there is no excuse to not being seen
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