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Default Re: 24 m.p.h.???

Was just doing some quick calculations for a project i am working on... so here it is...assuming i have enough HP at any given rpm i should expect these speeds... tire diameter is about 24" so about 6.28 feet per revolution... X 2500rpm = 15700 feet per minute x 60 = 942000 feet per hour divided by 5200 = 181 mph... a little to fast for this paticular project... so a 4 to 1 primary reduction gives me 625 rpm...then secondary reduction (from jack shaft) of 2 to one gives me 312 rpm x 6.28 feet per minute = 1959 fpm x 60 =117561 fph divided by 5200 = 22.61 mph ... pretty close to what i want and 6.5 hp with about 400 pounds should be ok.... does my math look ok?
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