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Default Re: Rube Goldberg MB Contest

Originally Posted by fishguts View Post

Wow, just wow Fish. BA said it best;

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake
This build is w/o a doubt one of the most epic undertakings I've ever seen on this site! You're not "raising the bar" with this 'un, you're creating a whole new category lol, not only are you delving into a radically different method of propulsion unlike anything that's been around for I unno... a hundred years? You're also managing to make it look awesome as well!
My hat is off to you man, I wish you the best of luck "

Really, the most innovative, coolest builds I have ever seen. In this fine company, that is saying more then can be said well."

Hats off to say the very least.

worst apocalypse ever

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