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Default Re: Rube Goldberg MB Contest

Originally Posted by Tom Bartlett View Post
Great idea!
Way back when we were building Zipcycles the fellows built a propeller driven bicycle that used a 22" model airplale propeller...and it worked pretty well.
I had been entertaining the idea of attempting steam-powered bicycle, and gotten as far as collecting a few brass parts. Maybe this winter would be the time to try to build something.
Tom Bartlett
That is great Tom! Really, a steam driven motorized bicycle is the great ( literally & figuratively) GrandFather of MBs. It, "steam powered" was suggested as a category already but no one has said they were considering building one. I am really, really looking forward to seeing them. I had drawn up some pusher plans for one but wouldn't work well.

Just uber cool Tom.

Originally Posted by camlifter View Post
i'll use a standard motorbike but have a rube goldberg starting system, consisting of a parachute a banana and a monkey.
With only one monkey, won't it slip? Even with a Ugandan single phase clutch?

worst apocalypse ever
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