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Thumbs up Total Motorbicycling.Com Members Now!

While there is another thread related to total registered members of 26,000!

I thought it would be cool to have a thread showing total registered members and growing everyday, and related statistics so here it is!!!

Motorized Bicycle: Engine Kit Forum Statistics

Total Registered Members: 28,262 as of December 2, 2010

Total Threads: 20,090 as of December 2, 2010,

Total Posts: 217,909 as of December 2, 2010,

Welcome to our newest member, Fraspearn

So there it is hopefully we will break past 30,000 members before January 1, 2011.

Who knows, now we have the U.S. Gov't contemplating a new $0.25 ( twenty-five cent ) tax hike for petrol here in the USA due to federal spending / deficit, this may send even more people here to looking for alternative transportation in motorized bicycling.

Peace Crazy Horse.
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