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Talking Re: 24 m.p.h.???

Originally Posted by Christian Dorn View Post
I have a star fire 58 cc motor , and I am running a 24" rear tire with a 40 tooth sprocket and I top out at about 24 m.p.h. Is this because of the 24" rear tire or is it more to do with the sprocket size? If I were to switch to a 26" rear tire How much faster might I go? If I put a smaller sprocket on how much would that help?
Ha ha! (this is a joke okay) I observed your post and i decided that with every inch you gain 1 mph, so with 24" tire you go 24mph, and if you put on a 26" tire than you will go 26mph and ect.... lol try a 50 inch and then see how fast you go lol
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