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Default Re: Iron Horse Cruiser

I'm with you on the springer. I experienced my first suspension fork this fall when I put together a 50 Schwinn with a suspension fork that was from a newer type Whizzer motorbike. Oil filled shocks. I couldn't believe how it smoothed out the road, plus I got a set of Fat Frank tires for it, wider than a normal balloon tire and it was like riding a Cadillac. Now I'm spoiled and think every build should have a suspension fork. The trouble is they're expensive and if your bike uses a threaded fork there aren't a lot of options... monark, schwinn and that's about it and of those the old ones are like gold and the new ones pretty poorly made. My solution, thanks to the Briggs builders, is to use a moped springer fork. I just got one on ebay from a 1970's Herculese, German made by Sachs. Nice fork, well made from heavy steel. Even the chrome has no pits and with shipping I got it for $38.00. It's going on the next build, a 53 Schwinn cantilever that looks a lot like your bike. So now I have moped radar and am always going to be on the lookout for a donor moped. I think that you can use a threaded fork on a newer bike with shims, but I don't know much about that. Anyway, it might be worth looking in to. Once I get to Maryland I'll be watching Craigslist for dead mopeds. I want the hubs, too, for lacing into full sized wheels. Some of the forks come with special ears for a headlight and some of the headlights have a build in speedometer in the top of it. Cool stuff if you can pick up a dead one cheap enough. My plan is to take what I want and sell the rest on ebay to see if I can get back what I paid for it. That's what i hope anyway. Parts are expensive and a build can add up in a hurry so any way I can save money and still have good quality stuff is of interest to me. Good luck and baby that spine.
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