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Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
100:1.. I say.. Do not do it.. Not worth it. It may run better, may.... You will use less oil.. some... You may save a nickle short term .. Still.. I say.. Don't do it.
so... you say it may run better, you will use less oil, and may save a nickel.

it does all that and more.

what kind of experience do you have with opti-2 to warn people off?

i've got 1 bike a year old with over 5k on it that i run 45mph+ all day long, another engine with 2 months on it i rode 75 miles the first day flat out, 35 each way, only stopping for lights. another bike, 4 months old with about 1k on it, and 3 friends bikes, all still on the road, all going strong, all saving nickels, using less oil, and running better than most bikes out there.

i say... Do it.
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