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Default Re: Substitute for Lost Baffle?

The baffle works.

It took a couple of trials before I reached this point. The first attemps were too noisy, so i just kept-on feeding the pipe.

I get a nice, muffly rumble with resonation and an increase in power. The back-pressure effect (which is the purpose of an expansion chamber) is beneficial, per the Turner two-cycle engine reference posted on this site. For some reason, sound is muffled better when enginre warms-up.

Just crumbled-up some gum-wrapper pieces of aluminum can, and added a couple wads of fiberglass from my basement ceiling.

Still a little on the loud side, but within acceptable paramters. Perhaps the noise is more noticable for inattentive drivers. I may experiment with a smaller exhaust outlet, instead of merely using the convenient mouth-size opening on the Coke can. I'm also going to try stuffing a coulple more fiberglass wads in there, but I would hate to lose the power I have now.

If it starts on fire (currently using 16:1 generic air-cooled oil for break-in), I'll just paint fireballs on on gas tank later on as a remeberance.

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