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Default Re: Saw a thread for logo submissions:

Ya know, the interesting thing about that is to the best of my knowledge, we never asked for new banners/art lol - that all kinda just happened o.O

I believe what happened was we just started having these available:

Don't get me wrong, any/all logo/art/banner/cards anyone feels like making is ofc awesome as all get-out & we're psyched that folks wanna share their creativity, but as far as I'm aware, we've no plans to change the banner we've got. However having said that, please do feel free to make whatever ya wish & post it if you'd like - there's never such a thing as too much art & I'm sure it would be of great help for those making their own stickers & cards!

Do also feel free to shoot a PM off to any staff member involved if you've something in mind or any questions about this, the stickers & ofc the thread is open to everyone
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