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Default Re: How to make custom gas tanks...

Originally Posted by ruppster View Post
I remembered reading some where that aluminum and fiberglass don't bond well together because aluminum oxidizes within seconds of being cleaned. It may have been from a boat repair book so it might have been for structural applications. It might be fine for a gas tank but You won't know until you try!
Hey Rupp one of the tricks to bonding to aluminum is to make sure it is freshly cleaned just prior to bonding and making sure it is well roughed up before applying the epoxy. I also punch or drill alot of holes around the edge of the surface I am bonding to to make sure the epoxy gets to the layer below the metal and that helps to keep the plies from separating. I know for sure I will be doing this around the filler cap on the flange to make sure it doesn't have a chance to separate and spin in between the layers from repeatedly taking the cap on and off...
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