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Originally Posted by yodar View Post
The Local AMSOIL dealer is the most in-demand auto repair shop in the region. He sponsors a call in car show Saturdays and he has warned people over and over not to switch on older car from petroleum oil to Amsoil as Amsoil will cause all the SH*T in the engine to loosen up and throw down a lotta much that it's total accumulation could clog intake passages to oil pump, or something, and damage the engine.

The theory given in this thread that switch back to petro-oil allowed the engine to run hotter and but some of that dreck up seems to FIT with the guy's statements and it seems to me to be a good explanation.

All I know is I have been using it from the third tank and the engine seems to run smoother

The only problem with that theory is we're talking about small 2 stroke engines that do not have oil pans or pump screens to clog. I've also heard many times that switching to one of the new wonder oils on an old engine is asking for trouble but that theory is based on 4 cycle engines with oil passages, rocker arms, camshafts lifters and bearings that would be effected by loosened sludge. Just isn't the same with our little Chinese hummers.
By the way, that is an early post of mine and since that time the engine in question has been retired. It was never the powerhouse that my other engines have been and the bike was so uncomfortable compared with my cruisers that it now resides, hanging from the ceiling of my garage. I'm still running Opti-2 in all my other bikes with 2 strokes and also my snow blower and weed whacker seem to like it too.
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