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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Big time! thanks WA. That is a great thunk. The blow bags come in 2 sizes and also in canvas. (is cool enough by the time exhaust gets to end. lol right up there with "hey y'all, watch this" which often ends with answering the question "what brings you to the ER today?") Can't wait to try that. Not the ER part, lol

Not to go all the way OT, but does any one have a thought on how to make or buy a sound measuring tool? The real muffler is 2ce as loud in person but the same on vids. Any thought would be welcomed big time.

Wanted to say again Skarrd, thanks for posting this thread. Great idea and look forward to seeing what is posted every day. Also, I have been copy and pasting my posts to my own build thread and for once know where to find and am keeping up with notes for my self. Normally have a bunch of little pcs of paper that make no sense and are incomplete.

I think this is the fastest going, posted thread. Just cool.

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