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Default Re: Is this online vendor legit?

Originally Posted by MiamiHeat87 View Post
I tried sending an email which I got a delivery failure and I cannot find a redrock cycles on google maps, so i'm afraid this is a no good place. I'd still like to get a bicycle like this. Can someone refer me to a good website or someone who may be able to build one for me?
I'm checking into this vendor for you. I've personally not heard of them but they do have an impressive website. Have you tried simply calling them?
One item of interest was mention of A magazine devoted to motorized bicycles and the fact that Sick Bike Parts is a supplier to them. Sick Bike Parts is a well respected sponsor/member here. Keep us posted on what you discover about them.

As for other vendors, check those listed down the sides of this page.

Incidently, I'm an old Miami transplant. Grew up in the Gables and lived there until 79. I haven't been back since 99. Sort of miss the old place.

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