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Default Re: Identify This Engine Size and maker?

Why are you taking pics in the dark? Put da bike in the sun
Its a 66 cc by nantong JiaLi
Does it have 6mm head studs? Same as the mounting size

Mounting Studs are 6mm 1.0

Originally Posted by MarkSumpter View Post
Hello all I am new to the forum and I will post my introduction in a little while but I recently got a China 2 stroke kit (for free no less) from a friend that couldn't figure how to mount it.

I have looked but there are so many different manufacturers and distributors I could not quite determining which manufacturer made the engine or exactly what size it is ( I am really more interested in what the size is but it would be handy to know the manufacturer so I know what to look for in in parts).

Any Help?

As you can see I have made some progress in mocking it up but there are several parts missing from the kit.

Also any Idea what the metric size and thread count on the mounting studs are (I don't have a metric thread gauge)?

Thanks for any help.


PS. This looks like an addictive hobby for me...
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