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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
dan, most of those gloves are fleece lined. which becomes totally useless (and cold) when wet.

i go for the real thing: Body Glove 3mm EX3 Gloves 1621 with reviews at

climbing steel towers all day would destroy them in a coupla weeks, so another trick i used was to buy those cheap brown gloves from 7-11 or liquor stores for like 2.99, (like these: Gloves - Buckhorn Industrial, Inc.) and wear them over the thinner warm water gloves.

sport chalet, REI, and other big sporting goods stores usually have a good selection.

Finally a glove Idea I will try!! I have road through every winter there was here. I have had good luck with mechanic gloves and another glove on top. This is the hardest thing I ever solved. A guy stuck on a tower above the Earth with froze stiff hands would definitely look into the problem

Thanks! I will look into this! I have been meaning to try the Scuba gloves..
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