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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by fishguts View Post
Good ideas but there are some challenges. An inline oiler for air tools won't be steam rated so can't be certified as safe (although airline psi ratings would make it appear safe, pneumatic psi is not the same as steam psi). I guess with oil in the crankcase there would be enough splash to take care of the bottom end and with a vent as mentioned, there wouldn't be any compression/vacuum in the case as with a stock 2-stroke, so that would work. Steam oil will take care of the piston from the top. But I was thinking of oil vapor for the bottom end (like stock but without the gas) with a drain plug in the bottom of the case so I can drain any water that happens to blow by the rings. With oil in the case, frequent oil changes should take care of that, but I was thinking that with the stock 2-stroke crankcase evacuation system as it is, errant water may all get sucked back into the cylinder. There would be some unburnt oil in the exhaust with this setup, of course, but there will be steam oil there anyway. No idea as to what this would actually amount to in terms of oil blowing out the exhaust.
Could mount a small paddle on the conecting rod to help lube if needed
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