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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

i spent most of the day figuring out ways to make my bike 100% legal in California. figured out the headlight/hibeam combo (according to the cop, we also need a little blue indicator/dash light so we know the hibeam's on) and got that all wired up to a dynohub.

still working on the functional taillight/brakelight. gotta research some switches. the easiest way would be to just install a cheater button on the handlebars that you press when you brake, but i want something that actually works.

researching horns, too. we're supposed to have something at least 90db, the same as the minimum for a car horn.

and i made some brackets to mount my license plate on the back. it was mounted to the side of my ammo can/saddlebag, but it's supposed to be visible from the back.

i hate it.

i'm not posting any pics till i get it all wired up and working. my goal is to offer a whole package for sale, with a dynohub front wheel and all the accessories, wiring, etc, so you just bolt it on and hook it up. the way the cops have been acting around here lately, i could make millions...
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