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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

LOL Mr. Just got back from a ride. Am frozen an' you just had to say 76*! (an I been trying to talk her into it for a whole bunch more then 2 yrs. snork)

My test chain had 3 master links and one half. (is used to swap around different builds in various stages of deconstruction. pre-stretched) Removed half link. Lowered engine to accommodate the now to short chain. Cut off some of muffler pipe. Toyed with welding pipe and flange, but need more practice. Drilled weep hole in pipe. After welding most of pipe, lost 1K RPM. Need to widen hole in blow bag or use a real muffler. hehe, gonna go with the larger hole of course. Well, try both. I made it thread on/off

Pics are b4 and after shortening pipe.

Blowbag muffler vid (for sound. Vid is by cell phone and not good) RiverSide :: whisper drive/HF Engine/clog-Free muffler video by dan3xd - Photobucket
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