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Default Re: ? difference btwn 2strk marine oil tcw-3

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
It in reality will probably not hurt anything, especially if you mixed the two 50/50.
Not sure what mix you are running but if you are running 16:1 I would suggest a change to 24:1 for break in.
i should have explained initial gas up was made w/the marine oil and gas at the recommended break in ratio!.....i had bought regular coastal 2 cycle...but in my haste to hit the road i reached into my oil cabinet and saw the "Wally World" blue marine tcw-3 container (which was opened already)...and didn't give it a second thought.....till i was readin the lengthy post here about Optima2 and toms problems.....and then i was ...."OH SH&t !........even more so concerned as im in break in period......i'd hate to be doin damage to a great 1st build because of my ignorance.......
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