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Default Hello, just joined!

Hi, im glad i found this forum, i didnt know there was so many motorbicyclists out there! My cousin got me into this n now im into it more than he is lol. I built a mongoose impasse with a skyhawk 66cc engine with a jetted carb n custom exhaust that goes 39-40 mph. My cousin has a diamond back motorized bicycle with the same engine n mods n a 32 tooth rear sprocket n we clocked him with a car at 55 mph! Also built a real nice cruiser for the neighbor with a 66cc chrome boy go fast engine. N right now im workin on a cruiser with a harbor freight 6.5 horse engine, just need to make a jackshaft n order a fuel tank n a hand throttle... As soon as i figure it out ill post pics of everything. Im guessin i cant upload pics on here with my iphone...
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