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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

i went to Newport Beach to take a ride with my buddy and his new bike i built for him. we got about 5 blocks and got stopped by my good buddy Officer Darling (his real name.)

we both had license plates, front and rear lights, and DOT helmets, but no working brakelights, high beams or horns.

that cut our whole ride short.

we didn't get tickets, luckily, since this guy's purpose in life is to get everybody legal, by ticketing and impounding bikes, but he said we couldn't ride without the proper equipment.

if we woulda kept riding, we woulda got fix-it tickets. not that big of a deal, but we decided not to push the issue and went home.

so tomorrow, my next post in this thread might be "i made working brakelights, high beams and horns for our bikes..."

ain't gonna let the man keep me down.
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