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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I FINALLY- a year later- installed the newer NTS66 carb onto the billet intake- the bike has been running great with the old kit 50cc carb, since I put the billet on-

- except the last two trips started bogging down when it got warmer after several miles- I don't know why, but with a 36 sprocket and narrow wheels, I'm never more than about 1/2 to 2/3 throttle to cruise at 25/ 30. I'm off for coffee and a basket of groceries and back on a cup of gas or so- maybe 5 miles round trip.

I had some fuel leaking around the old one, and the fitting was loose- maybe that was it. Plug looked good, and hadn't changed fuel in several runs

So the new one is on, but haven't had it out yet. Love the new lower fuel cut-off valve- I see the billet intakes are being made even shorter now I think- that's good-

mine could be almost 1/4 inch shorter and closer to motor-
that would also give more frame clearance in the back of carb.
I've thought about hacking it, but the groove for the small rubber gasket ring would go then too.

I'm expecting good results, although I see the clamp for the 66 carb isn't quite wide enough for the neck- and then PINNED to the carb sleeve so it can't be pushed back- this leaves very small "pinholes" behind the clamp, where the sleeve is slotted under it for possible air leak- it may need an internal gasket or other cover behind the main clamp.

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