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Default Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Your bike should be fine just keep an eye on the seat stays, those are a definite weak point on huffy cruisers.

<snip> Make sure everything is well greased and properly tightened. There are quite a few here that have thousands of miles on those wheels so don't worry about that.

Not everyone likes MTBs, some love the look and ride of a cruiser. Saying that A MTB is the best platform for a motorized bike is like saying dirtbike is the best choice for a motorcycle.
Ah! That RIGHT Kemo Sabe ! Seat stays no good on Huffy.

The stock seat on my huffy didn't even last a week, or wuzzit my BUTT that didn't last a week. Buddy gave me a STRANGE SCHWINN seat with nothing "out front" and it works fine somfort-wise. There are tractor style seats out there for less than $50.

Kevlarr's more than right about the rear bearing adjustment and grease. Mine needed re-adjustment soon after motor install -"re-adjust the combs" is what I was told I was doing. Any wobble you see back there, don't delay fixing it!

Good luck

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