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Originally Posted by gingerbakr View Post
Thank's guys, happy to see other old fart's here, I've been reading all day about motorized bike's, I think I'm going blind, luckily my daughters boy friend has one and is willing to help, I'm so confused now i don't know which way is up !!.
He said his payment will be a boost bottle so i guess i'll have to get one to.
Mike, if I might offer a little advice here...forget the performance modifications (boost bottles, racing carburetors and tuned pipes) until you have the bike broke in and running good. Then you can play with it but restrict the modifications to one at a time. You'll be money and time ahead and not have to deal with the frustrations that some of these performance enhancments can cause for a newbie. Stick to the basic build at first then expand from there. You'll be glad you did.
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