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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I tried roasting some hot dogs over my hood but they didn't even get warm. Rats! I thought flames were hot.
hey tom..did some more readin last nite about adjustments it was givin me some throttle issues..remember this is all new to me..(2 strokes) today i had the choke slide closed, and gave it 5 or 6 pumps...rolled out...dropped the clutch...and off i went no still runnin a lil high on idle...kinda hard for me to adjust while ridin cause im sittin "High in the Saddle" due to long legs an advanced osteo in both knees so when i come to a turn i have to ride the coaster brake, roll outta the throttle an slip the clutch out an in slowley......other than that all is good far....thanx again for your input...charlie
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