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Default Re: Throttle Assembly Deal

Originally Posted by furament View Post
urr um yaa grrrr sooo new highteck throttles gunna pull up on carb to much???? wuz gunna get the one from sbp but they were outastock no plastick you say ?mmmm pablo..
We have them in stock. We have sold hundreds (not 1000's yet, but close), and honestly we are just reading this for the first time: "gunna pull up on carb to much" and "bending a float tab ". We have had no complaints about this and can't quite fathom what the issue is. The connection and adjustment at the carb are no different than stock....and it does need some adjustment when you swap because as you guys know, not all stock cables (and other parts) are the same.

The mechanism is aluminum, yes. One clear plastic cover piece for the pulley.

Shipping will be about $6 in the USA

culvercityclassics summed it up pretty well and also we have some reviews on out site. All 4 or 5 stars IIRC.
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