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Default Re: Throttle Assembly Deal

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
I just received the Heavy Duty Throttle Assembly purchased from Sick Bike Parts and think this is by far one of the best bangs for the buck (No Plastic). It is also one of the quick versions of throttles. This purchase came with a length choice for cable. I am truly impressed.
I am not pushing this item but just wanted to let people in need know a good deal.

Thanks SBP

I have had mine is service just a week or two and I MUST WARN you
The mechanism apparently transmits force a lot more efficiently and I wasn't cautioned of the danger of bending a float tab if the cable end-play threaded thingy at the throttle isn't JUST right. But they just figger I guess you're SUPPOSED to KNOW what JUST RIGHT is. I didn't, and my carb float tab bent, and the bike flooded out 50 yards from my start.

Somebody with more knowledge can advise you on this. I wish they had advised ME. I was without a bike for a week(my ONLY transportation) And I replaced the carb thanks to the excellent delivery from a Wisconsin vendor

Everything seems fine now. Tomorrow I 'll make a trial ride for distance

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