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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That picture in the link is the MotorBike the kids and I built together and the one as my avitar. The one I put the basket on is my second bike I bought used of C-List. I had torn it down to nothing,, and rebuilt it. It does not quite look like I want it to yet, But it is developing nicely.
Niether one of the bikes is anything more than a basic build. But man do they draw attention every where. I think there will be a small outburst of MotorBikes in my area shortly.
I did try a whimpy set of saddle bags from Wally World made by Schwinn, The bags were rugged, but the attachment bands and clips were not up to the task. I think I would like to find a nice set of leather bags,, Or I just might have to custom make my own. That would be cool.
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