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Default Re: Rube Goldberg MB Contest

Great to hear! (read) Thanks BA and Nunya. Gonna write FinFan and eDJ and ask em to join in. Any one ever hear from them? Hate when folks fall off the map.

As always, is a democratic deal and majority rules on rules. That's a rule, well rule of thumb. But final winner will be voted by the participants. Only rule is a team or individual can not vote for their own work or entry.

Cool Nunya! Can ya give a hint or keeping your thoughts under wraps? Given your talents, am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
I am thinking for my entry, duel propelled 4 and jet smoke. DIY stretch frame.

Thing I really like about this, not the best, easiest or conventual way to do some thing is rewarded. Bet some really great stuff will be developed. "Death to the Box!" Or thinking inside one. Box free zone?

worst apocalypse ever
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