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Default Re: Long Rides Late at Night?

Oh man, that is heaven. Long ride, no cars. Bet it was awesome with the moon last night.

I really enjoy ridding around industrial areas in the early mornings just after sunrise. Few people or traffic.

Made me think of that old Twilight Zone episode. A man named some thing Bemis finally has time to do nothing but read. Every one else is gone. Then the poor Son Of a Bicyclist breaks his glasses. Me, I would run out of gas or some thing.

Found it! full episode. If you have never seen this, worth a watch. 26 mins though. Freaked me out as a kid! "A bookworm yearns for more time to read - then a nuclear holocaust leaves him alone in the world with lots of time, plenty to read and one ironic twist!" The Twilight Zone Video - Time Enough At Last -
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