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Default one thing after another

Hello everybody, well I have a problem and need some help. First of all my clutch stopped working on my other engine, so I decided to just go ahead and replace it with the skyhawk I had layin around. I just got my motor mount from SBP so I couldnt wait to put it on so I spent all day replacing my motor and getting the right bolts for my intake, exhaust and my sprocket just wanted a really solid build because I had noticed that my old engine was getting pulled to one side. I havent been using a tensioner but now I guess i need one I also put a new chain on. Anyway I went for a ride it ran pretty good then on my second run I went to stop and noticed it felt a little wobbly. I went for another pass seemed to be fine well when I slowed down almost to a stop I started rattling bad I thought man my engine is gone. but still seemed to run fine. Well I got off to take a look and found the problem I guess since the old motor wasnt mouted really good it took alot of the impact of engaging the clutch, well the motor I have mounted now is really tight and i did know that the chain was pretty tight but I thought it would be ok well apparently the engine is on thier good because instead of it giving the rear axle gave luckily I wasnt going any faster.

My question should i just run a tensioner is there any decent ones for sale, that are inexpensive. I thought about a shift kit but, I have to get a new wheel now, I would like to get some HD wheels but all i see is rear wheels with coaster brakes.

So I guess my question really is any advice on what I should do any input would be great Thanks
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