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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

yeah heres the 100 dollarquestion conundrum these motors quality when built are so poor you could buy two motoras from the same vender and they could be completly different in power ranges or simple build quality so in reality it would be a 300 or 400 dollar question cause you would have to buy a good quality motor or maybe a 800n dollar question cause you would have to buy two motors and break em both in on a dyno or something to different standards but then again with a better built motor they would probly be built so nice there wasnt any real improvment in either one so it is indeed a conundrum

i got lucky with my motor other than sripping a few bolts and changing the seal i havent had any major problems the majority of the problems i had where with the carb just yesterday j noticed the fuel input was loose for some reason it seems i take the thing apart once a month

both kits i got from zoombicycles turned out pretty well im not to worried about engine life on my current motor cause i know i have done things to it and with it that i shouldnt have i can always borrow my dads bike one reason i keep that baby in top condition and never ride it so its there and ready when i need it

if you guys are like me and so many others you wont stop at one or two or three motor bikes you will never really stop so these beginer motors are a learning experience for me the next one motorized bicycle will always be built better and ran with more experience
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