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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have a leak in the intake (very common). This will cause a destructive lean condition.
hear ya on that...air leakage....took care of that before initial fire up.....when i was in "mock-up" stage i noticed the carb wasn't fully seated to the i took a depth measurement in the carb throat...transfered it to the intake and dressed the intake tube till i got it to seat all the way...i gained alot of room to the seat tube...and now the carb sits a 1/4 inch from the 45 on the intake..also deburred the internals of the intake as well....and by doin all that.... i was able to mount my roller for the clutch cable off of the chain guard great....just re adjustin the clutch cable after lube'n the case'n...went to the Dorman/Help aisle at work an got a blister pack of brass cable stops/set screws part #03336....gonna back up the stock one...should not have any issues after that......thanx....charlie
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