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Default Re: Next to impossible to dis-engage clutch

Originally Posted by rignig View Post
Thanks for the advice, I have tried all those thing except smoothing the cam, I read there is a larger spring that can be adjusted inside the clutch by (bad terms) taking out the cable guide and putting an allen wrench in the hole while turning the sprocket. Has any one have any success with that. And if so how many turns and in what directions?
I'm not a big fan of loosening the clutch spring. That usually results in premature clutch pad wear if loosened too much. The key to reducing clutch pull is to take all the friction and slack out of the cable and linkage. There are some good ideas that members have used to accomplish this. Start by eliminating the small kit supplied spring that the instructions show to install between the end of the cable and the clutch actuator arm. It serves no purpose except to increase resistance. Take some time and use the search feature and you'll find lots of reading about this subject. Also take a look in the Swap & Shop section at what a couple of members have offered in the way of clutch cable modifications that will help to decrease the force needed to disengage the clutch. One of those is a pully design intended to allow the cable to run around a wheel instead of encountering the friction normally seen where the cable leaves the guide on the engine case. Good luck.
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