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Default Researching for the best motorized bicycle kits

Hi Guys.
I'm new to this group. I will not tell you how old I am but I did own a new 1948 Whizzer motorbike in my early years. It was the first motor vehicle in my family. I went everywhere with it. I have since owned other motor scooters and motorcycles.

I've been doing research on building a motor bike with mixed results. A few questions. Are there any quality 2 stroke engines kits on the market that are not junk? Does anyone make a kit with the Honda engine and the automatic transmission? I like the sound of a 4 cycle engine but if the transmission is so loud you can't hear the engine I would go with the 2 cycle units. The price of the 2 cycle kits are from cheap to relatively expensive. What is the best unit out there.

I have a Trek 900 mountain bike in good condition but would like to replace the rear spokes which are starting to rust with larger diameter stainless spokes.

In Florida anything larger than 50 CC's you need to take a driving course which costs $250! Is the size of the 2 stroke engines stamped on them? Can you tell how large the engine is just by looking?

I'm looking forward to the comments and suggestions.

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