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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

Thanks for the words of wisdom WildAlaskan. No sweat like you said, I am more greatfull for the low end torque anyways, and I have said in other posts that I actually enjoy cruising around at 20mph on a Sunday afternoon because ,,,,,,well, Just because. I am very surprised that a 66/80cc motor diplays this amount of torque, and I am not in a hurry to get anywhere anyways.
But I do enjoy the speed once in awhile

This will turn out to be a $100 question, If I broke it in different,,, would it really run different???? It's going to cost me $100 to find out. Not because everyone here tells me it will because they did it, or has the experiance to justify results. But so many factors influance the outcome, the only way to really know,, is to do it. That comes later. For now I will just enjoy the two bikes I have, and the time I am spending with my kids riding MotorBikes.
Thanks Guys.

Tons of Fun, Keep it safe.
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