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Default Re: Anti theft measures.

Locks are to keep honest people honest, professional thieves will try to steal it anyway.

In Junior High School, bikes were locked in a bike yard. But if you had a cheap combination lock, it would get picked, your bike moved, and relocked. A warning that your lock sucked.

San Francisco is infamous for incidents where: a van pulls up, 4 guys get out, grab a sportsbike, load it in and drive away. If a 500 lb bike can be hauled away, your bike can too. My friend's Honda CR250 was stolen off a trailer while he slept upstairs 20 feet away.

Light deterrents I carry on my motorcycle.
o Padlock I can lock the drive chain to the rear sprockets.
o Personal alarm. Replace the pull pin with an easier sliding ziptie, fishing line, set so the wheel rotation sets it off.
o I plan on adding a hidden kill switch.

Small bikes need to be locked to something immovable. A cable and a large padlock.
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