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Default Re: Next to impossible to dis-engage clutch

Start of with routing your clutch cabel with no sharp bends or kinks. Lubricate the cabel inside the housing as well as the moving parts inside the clutch actuator cover and handlebar lever. There is a cam, pin and ball bearing that need lubrication. If you've done these things then there is a modification that will make clutch actuation easier. The pin which protrudes from the center of the drive sprocket comes from the factory very rough on the end which contacts the cam. It and the cam need to be smoothed as perfectly as you can make them. This is a load bearing surface and any reduction in friction there will decrease the amount of force required to disengage the clutch.
In addition leverage is an issue here. The longer your clutch lever (handlebar) the less force is required to move the clutch. If your kit supplied clutch lever is short then look for a longer lever at a bike or motorcycle shop to replace it. Hope these suggestions put you on the right track. Let us know.
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