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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

[quote=mr.gadget]OK, Now I feel like our motor is already doomed!!!!!
I found this site after I bought our kit and bike. First I read to run 16:1 and real slow for 500 miles. Then I read that 16:1 is too rich and should break it in at 24:1. After 2 gallons of gas I switched untill I get to 500 miles and drop to 32:1.[quote/]

dont sweat it man i broke my motor in really badly i also rode with 16/1 for at least 500 miles till i figured out 32/1 is best my motor seems to be running ok i know it aint the best but seriously i have done alot of rough stuff with this motor im sure yours is fine

i too didnt know anybetter about oil mixter and break in i rode it the first 100 or so mile with out a exaust pipe casue first it fell apart then it fell off
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