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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

OK, Now I feel like our motor is already doomed!!!!!
I found this site after I bought our kit and bike. First I read to run 16:1 and real slow for 500 miles. Then I read that 16:1 is too rich and should break it in at 24:1. After 2 gallons of gas I switched untill I get to 500 miles and drop to 32:1.
Now I read this thread, and suddenly I am thinking that this bike will only be the cruiser that it is. That in its self is not all that bad though. Our Motor bike sound very low and gowly!!!!! And with my 235 weight it will climb all the hills around here and accelerate uphill without assistance. But only a top speed of 26 mph.

Like I have read here, break it in the way you want to ride it. Cruising at 20 to 23 is not bad, especialy since the amount of low end torque it seems to have, and sounds way cool. I guess the only way I will ever see faster speeds, is to use the lowend torque to drive a smaller sprocket gear, like a 30 something.

Still because it was for the kids and I, I do like the fact that is strong and slow instead of a speed deamon. Maby on my next build, I will try just going B***Ls to the wall and see what happens... Not to mention, I could just build up a spare motor and swap it out when I feel the need.
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