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Default Re: I need help with this one!

I cleaned everything before I installed any new parts. and emptied my gas tank to make sure it was clean and blew some air through the pelock, so I hope it is not dirt.

I now Believe when i installed fuel inlet pipe the pointy metal thin that sits on top of tangs might be stuck and the bowl is not filling up with gas completely i hope to have time tonight to check it.

I have one extra carb and anouther wextra that is good for parts so if i have to I will change the entire carb, to see the difference,

Montréal is only 187 feet above sea level, ( i think I need to with eh eclip lower i could be wrong!)

My old mixture was too rich that why my plug was black but i think it saved my enginge because

it has a very defective carb plus how tight my carb was next the frame was holding it in place, its a miracle that i did not ruin my engine.

all in all am being cautious with the engine for now but it seams to running great I think the carb is level I noticed that if i put the intake manifold off to the right it was slightly tilted but if if I put off to the left it looked level,

I am riding because, it's been a mounth since had the opertunity to use for what I built it for. I have a tool kit with me and I am prepared to pedle

I will let you know what happens

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