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Default Re: Controversial engine break-in technique

the first motor i had, i broke it in more or less per factory instructions. it was the slowest motor i've had. took a month to break in using cheap oil, smoked, and got all oily.

all the motors after that (6 bikes total) i run opti-2 at 100:1 and run full throttle the second they hit the street.

i never let them warm up, i only vary the throttle if i'm in traffic, and i don't worry about them at all.

all the bikes are still on the road, they all go fast, and the main bike i ride is still going strong after a year, and at least 5000 miles.

my method is port match the intake, exhaust and transfer ports, make sure there's no extra metal chunks floating around, pour a capful of oil on top of the piston so it soaks in while you're building the bike, then fill it with Opti-2, pedal it long enough to know the chain's not gonna fall off, then kick it in the guts and hold on.

i figure if it's gonna blow up, i might as well get it over with the first day.
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