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Default Re: Anti theft measures.

ok so it all depends on what your doing if your going into a store for a few minutes a simple cable usually will do but if you lock it up in the same place day after day or for extended period of time heres a few ideas to go from

if you have quick release hubs put hub locks on so your tiers dont walk off
then put rim locks on so the tire dont turn
then use a u lock to secure frame to a bike rack
then use a super heavy duty cable lock with lock built in the cable (lock is waek point) make sure to go through both front and back tires just incase they get through rim locks
then wire up a key lock
then figure out some sort of clutch lock
then put a car alarm on so if anybody walks next to it or looks at it it goes off

and most importantly lock it up in a high traffic public place all these safety measure can be overcome in time and a dark secluded spot is a good place to overcome your security precautions

if that isnt enough to make you feel safe start taking parts off

seriously those are just options available i personly use a super heavy duty cable

they do actually have bike alarms, rim locks, hub locks , and ive seen a keyed ignition setup here

now if you had all these secuerity setups im sure your bike would be safe but it would take longer to lock your bike than to cruise across town

sometimes when i go into a quick stop i leave the clutch engaged and slip the spark plug wire off and park bike in the window i havent had any problems
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